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How To Block Opay Account When Phone Is Stolen Or Lost

Losing a phone is not just an inconvenience; it also poses a significant risk to your personal information, especially if you have financial apps like Opay installed. To ensure that your Opay account remains secure even after your phone is stolen, there are several steps you can take. In this article, I will guide you through the process on how to block Opay account when phone is stolen or lost. Let’s delve in now.

How To Block Opay Account When Phone Is Stolen Or Lost

How To Block Opay Account When Phone Is Stolen Or Lost
How To Block Opay Account When Phone Is Stolen Or Lost

To safeguard the funds in your Opay account, it’s important to learn how to block your Opay account when your phone is stolen or lost. Here are what to do immediately:

Contact Opay Customer Care Hotline (018885040):

The first step on how to block Opay account when a phone is stolen or lost is to simply contact Opay’s customer care hotline

This hotline is specifically designed to assist users in situations like this. 

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When you call, be sure to provide them with all the necessary information to verify your identity.

Reach Out to Opay Through Verified Social Media Pages:

In addition to the hotline, Opay also maintains verified social media pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Sending them a message through these platforms can serve as an additional way to communicate your situation and request assistance. 

Make sure you include all relevant details to help them identify your account.

Provide Necessary Information About Your Account:

When reaching out to Opay, you’ll need to provide them with certain information to verify that you are the legitimate account owner. 

This might include your full name, registered phone number, email address, and any transaction history that you can remember. 

The more information you can provide, the smoother the process will be.

Cooperate with Opay Customer Care Representative:

Once you’re in contact with an Opay customer care representative, it’s essential to cooperate fully with them. 

They might ask you additional questions to ensure your identity. 

Answer their queries accurately and promptly to expedite the process.

Change Password of the Account:

While on the call or communication with Opay, inquire about changing the password associated with your Opay account. 

This will prevent unauthorized access to your account by the thief. 

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Choose a strong and unique password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols for optimal security.

Report to the Authorities:

Remember to report the theft of your phone to the local authorities if you find it worthy as well as providing them with all the necessary details, including any tracking information you might have (like Find My Device for Android or Find My iPhone for iOS). 

This step is crucial for legal reasons and can also aid in the recovery of your stolen device.

If you follow the steps and guidelines above rest assured that your account will be safeguarded immediately if they confirm that you are the real account owner.

FAQs On How To Block Opay Account When Phone Is Lost Or Stolen

I have provided you with a list of frequently asked questions related to how to block an Opay account when a phone is lost or stolen with their respective answers. Below are the questions and answers:

How do you block your account when your phone is stolen?

If your phone is stolen, follow these steps to block your Opay account:

  • Contact Opay customer care hotline at 018885040.
  • Reach out to Opay through their verified social media pages.
  • Provide necessary information to verify your account ownership.
  • Cooperate with Opay’s customer care representative.
  • Change your Opay account password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Report the phone theft to the local authorities for legal reasons.

How can I disable my OPay account?

To disable your Opay account, you can follow these steps:

Contact Opay customer care through their hotline or verified social media.

Request the disabling of your account.

Be prepared to provide information for account verification.

Cooperate with Opay’s customer care representative to complete the process.

Is it true that OPay account is blocked?

Opay accounts can be blocked under certain circumstances, such as security concerns or suspicious activities.

 If you believe your Opay account has been blocked in error, contact Opay customer care to inquire about the status of your account and follow their guidance to resolve the issue.

How do I change my password on OPay?

To change your password on Opay, follow these steps:

Log in to your Opay account using your current credentials.

Navigate to the “Settings” section of the app.

Look for the option to change your password.

Follow the prompts to enter your current password and create a new secure password.

How can I access my Opay account without my SIM?

You can access your Opay account on the app without needing your SIM card. 

The Opay app only requires you to log in using your account credentials (username/email and password) rather than relying on your SIM card.

 As long as you remember your login details, you can access your Opay account on any device with the app installed.


Losing your phone is undoubtedly a stressful experience, but taking swift action can significantly reduce the potential harm caused by unauthorized access to your Opay account.

Therefore, by contacting Opay’s customer care hotline, reaching out through verified social media pages, providing accurate information, cooperating with representatives, changing your password, and involving the authorities, you can effectively block your Opay account and protect your financial data from misuse. Remember, the key is to act quickly and decisively to minimize any potential damage.


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