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Palmpay, ThankUcash: 6 best Cashback Apps in Nigeria with highest rewards [2023 list]

mobile banking apps are growing in popularity in the country, thanks to a growing number of smartphones and internet users.

These apps offer all banking functions in a bundle, which makes them extremely useful for the daily banking needs of the average person.

Amongst some of the functions they provide, one that has really caught the eye is the Cashback feature.

What is Cashback?

Cashback is a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a percentage cash refund after making their purchase.


how does Cashback work?

cashback works in a way that for each valid transaction you make on the platform, you get a small percentage of the money you spent on that transaction. For example you bought an Airtime worth N1000, you get back a percentage from that purchase, let’s say 5% which is N50.

which apps gives Cashback in Nigeria?

Nowadays there are many Cashback apps in Nigeria, some of them include opay, jumia pay, palmpay, fairmoney e.t.c and they all offer a considerable amount of cash back for each type of purchase.

In this post I’m going to list the best Cashback wallets in Nigeria, the list will be based on general performance and stability, because there’s no sense in getting high Cashback when the app is a pain in the ass.

List of 5 best Cashback apps in Nigeria the gives high rewards

1. Opay

Opay, a Chinese backed mobile banking platform, has become a household name in the country, thanks to their exquisite set of products that have caught the eye of the masses. The opay application has more than enough features to meet the banking needs of an average person. From savings to loan and Cashbacks. All these and much more are in stock.

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Opay takes number one position on this list of best Cashback apps in Nigeria, because of its strong performance and proven stability over the years.

How much Cashback does opay give?

Airtime: 3% Cashback

Data: 3% cashback

Daily Cashback: N10 Cashback

Bonus: opay gives users varying bonuses, like savings trial fund.

Download opay

2. Palmpay

palmpay, another Chinese backed mobile banking platform, is one of the best mobile banking applications in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Palmpay has seen significant growth over the years, thanks to its POS devices that are spread all over the country.

Their mobile banking app is also one of the best in the country with great features like credit, loans, Cashbacks and more. Palmpay wallet takes no. 2 spot on this list of best Cashback apps in Nigeria given their strong presence, stability, and good application, both in interface and performance.

How much Cashback does palmpay give?

Airtime: N15 Cashback on airtime purchases

Data: 3% , 6% , 10% and 50% for new users, as you can see palmpay data Cashback varies, so you’ll actually need to use the app to get a grip.

Daily Cashback: N10 daily Cashback

Download palmpay

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3 . Jumia pay

Jumia needs no introduction, when we talk about e-commerce, they’re No. 1 platform in Nigeria. Jumia is already a household name and is also very trusted.

Jumia pay, the official payment gateway of jumia may not be that popular, but it’s still one of the most used applications in the mobile money industry.

we place JUMIA pay application at No. 3 in this list of Cashback wallets in Nigeria because it it trusted and is a long standing application. Apart from that it also offers periodic offers, such as vouchers, free airtime, high discount on purchases and much more value-added services.

How much cash back does jumia pay gives?

Airtime: 3% Cashback

Data: 3% Cashback

Vouchers: Apart from airtime and data Cashback from Jumia pay wallet you also get to receive periodic vouchers, than can slash prices up to 50%, depending on the type of product.

4. ThankUcash

ThankUcash is a Cashback and cash rewards app that gives users of the application a percentage refund on qualified purchase.

most of the apps I’ve mentioned here are only for payment of non tangible products, But ThankUcash is different, with This app you can buy physical products from partner shops and get Cashback from ThankUcash app.

Their cash rewards rate are not fixed, so it would be difficult to list it here, they no doubt have good cash rewards and from my experience with the application, They’re good in both performance, stability and Reliability.

Download thank you cash, to have a feel.

5. Now Now

Now Now is a mobile banking wallet from NowNow digital system, they offer payment for a range of products, including airtime, data, electricity bill, and betting bill payments.

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You can get Cashback on airtime purchase and data purchase as well, Their cashback value on Airtime purchases ranges from 3% on MTN to 5% on 9mobile, while Airtel and glo is 4%.

There’s no Cashback on data purchases, so if you wish to try out this wallet I’ll recommend you buy airtime and then use your purchased airtime to buy data.

6. Fairmoney

Fairmoney may be known for giving loans, but they also give Cashback on airtime and data purchases and bill payments. Other things you benefit from fairmoney include, getting an account number to receive money, adding money to your account, sending money to any bank account for free, applying for a loan without collateral, paying your online bills, enjoying cheap airtime and bill payments, and also earn daily interest from savings, and one more, you don’t pay anything fee for transfer!.

How much Cashback does fairmoney give?

Airtime: 3% on airtime purchases

Data: 3% on data purchases


There are a lot of apps that claim to give Cashbacks, my take is when you’re choosing one, make sure the app is working to your taste, don’t just choose because of the Cashbacks. Other features should be considered.

Also, be consistent on one application, the reason being that this way, your bonus will easily build up and become something tangible for you to use on purchases and more.

Thanks for reading.


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