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VERIFIED: 3 Best Apps to sell Airtime for Cash in Nigeria

Okay, selling airtime for cash is becoming increasingly popular, For some reasons or say typing mistake, you may have more than enough airtime stacked in your line and you now want to sell it off to get cash, which of course is better than airtime.

They’re apps that allow you to sell your airtime in Nigeria for cash, I’ve tried three applications so far and they’ve worked great, so I’m going to introduce them to you.

So let’s see the applications that actually let you sell your airtime for cash in Nigeria

3 best Apps to sell airtime for Cash in Nigeria


Tingtel, of all the apps I’ve used happens to be the most effective, that is, it’s fast and reliable. The app is easy to use, has a nice interface, and confirmation of airtime transfer is immediate, thus you’ll get your funds ASAP, the best airtime selling app for now.

Tingtel airtime

What’s Tingtel airtime sell rate?
Tingtel convert airtime to cash rate, at the time of writing this are as follows:
MTN: 15% of total amount

AIRTEL: 25% of total amount

GLO: 25% of total amount

9MOBILE: 25% of total amount

How to use Tingtel airtime to sell airtime for cash:

  1. Download Tingtel airtime from Google playstore.
  2. Sing up and login to the app.
  3. From the home screen, click on sell airtime
    Click on add beneficiary, here, you’ll add your bank account details, this is the account your funds will be transferred to.
  4. After that, come back and select the number, note that the SIM you’re selling airtime from have to be on your device.
  5. Type in the amount your want to sell, you’ll be shown the rate, if you’re good, proceed and type in your airtime transfer pin.
  6. If it’s correct, the airtime will be debited from your line and the funds will be sent to your bank account.


This is the very first app i used to sell my airtime for cash, I’ve done like three transactions with the app and all have been successful, reason I put it here as one of the best airtime selling app. The app has a nice user interface, you can actually do more than just convert airtime to cash, other things you could do include buying airtime, buying data, payment of bills and transfer to other users of the application.

Convert airtime to cash Recharge2cash

What’s Recharge2cash airtime rate?

Using Recharge2cash to sell your airtime for cash comes with with fees and they normally fluctuate, but at the time of writing this, their rate are as follows:

MTN: 15% of total amount

AIRTEL: 30% of total amount

GLO: 30% of total amount

9MOBILE: 30% of total amount

How to use recharge2cash to sell airtime for cash in Nigeria:

  1. Download the recharge2cash app from Google playstore here
  2. Register with your details, you’ll need your BVN to register
  3. After successful registration, login with your username and password, it will take you to the main screen
  4. Click on convert airtime
  5. A page to select your network will come up, choose as applicable
  6. After that they’ll be a page to fill in the transaction details, such as amount and phone no (the number you’ll transfer the airtime from) , and will also show how much you’ll
  7. Click review request and continue, then click on submit request.
  8. Transfer the exact amount you filled in to the number they’ll provide and wait for like 10 mins, it will reflect on your balance.
  9. Click on the withdrawal tab and fill in the correct details, the cash will be sent to your bank account immediately.


This is another application I’ve used to sell airtime for cash, it’s actually easy to use and supports all major networks including Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9mobile, again for being simple and effective, they get on my list of best airtime selling application.

What’s LAMMAPAI NIG rate?

LAMMAPAI NIG sell airtime for cash rate normally fluctuate, but at the time of writing this, their rate were as follows:

MTN: 15% of total amount

AIRTEL: 30% of total amount

GLO: 30% of total amount

9MOBILE: 30% of total amount

How to use LAMMAPAI NIG to sell airtime for cash in Nigeria

  1. Download the application from Google playstore here
  2. Register with your details and login to the app, it will display the main page
  3. On the main page click on airtime to cash
  4. It will take you to another page, on this page, you’ll select your network and amount you want to convert to cash, if the rate is okay click on convert now
  5. It will bring up a page to fill all your details, FIL everything correctly and submit.
  6. It will take you to their WhatsApp customer service platform and from there, you’ll be given a phone number to transfer the airtime to
  7. Once you’re done and they verify, the cash will be sent to your account. This normally takes like one hour.

Some of the airtime to cash applications I’ve downloaded didn’t work, they are buggy and don’t work the way they’re supposed to, reasons i listed just three applications here. As they always say, quality over quantity is the key. So far I’ve used these three applications and I can confirm they’re working perfectly.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time using any of these three apps.

There’s one more thing I want to add. When trying to transfer airtime you’ll need your airtime transfer pin, a great number of people have complained they’ve either lost or forgotten their transfer pin.

If you’re among I will advise you to call your network customer service and explain to them, they’ll ask a few questions, and if you get them right, they’ll recover your transfer pin for you.


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