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Lucrative Small Businesses To Start With N20,000 In Nigeria in 2023

Don’t wait until hundreds of thousands or millions come your way, doing is nothing but a waste of time, the hundreds of thousands you’ve or millions you’ve been longing for may not come in 3, 5, or even 10 years to come. But you should rather get something to do. If you are a government worker or self-employed, you have the opportunity to engage and invest some of your time in a side hustle. There are still some side hustle businesses you can do alongside your job. This is nothing but brings you more income. Therefore, I’ll urge you to read this top 10 lucrative small businesses to start with N20,000 in Nigeria in the year 2023.

I knew already that not all these top 10 lucrative small businesses to start with N20,000 in Nigeria will suit you, but you should pick the best you believe will suit and not affect your other job (s).

Without taking your time unnecessarily, let’s dive into knowing the top 10 Lucrative Small Businesses to start with N20,000 in Nigeria I have prepared for you today.

Lucrative Small Businesses To Start With N20,000 In Nigeria 2023

Below are the top 10 lucrative small businesses to start with N20,000 in Nigeria:


While some folks believed or you’ve heard that starting a blog with less N20,000 is impossible, I’d tell you that is absolutely not the truth.

Even, starting a blog in Nigeria costs less than N15,000.

However, you may spend more if you don’t have enough time to spend on the site e.g, you may need to hire a content writer to help in the aspect of content creation.

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Content writing takes time, and can surely demand a whole day just to come up with a nice piece of article.

If content creation is not your problem then you’re good to go with blogging.

As said earlier, you can hire someone to design you a responsive website or develop it yourself.

However, if you have no idea of how website or blog like this is being created, you can hire me by clicking here, I’ll develop a website like this for you in less than 2 days with just N13,000 only.

Lucrative Small Businesses To Start With N20,000 In Nigeria
Lucrative Small Businesses To Start With N20,000 In Nigeria

Selling Data/Recharge Cards Online Via A Website

The second one on the top 10 lucrative small businesses to start with N20,000 in Nigeria is to start selling data/recharge cards online via a website.

We all know how fast and profitable selling data and recharge cards is.

However, for you to get yourself a website where you can sell Data, recharge card and utilities subscriptions, you’ll still spend less than 20k, you can get in touch with me via the link above to get it done.

With selling data subscriptions and recharge cards online, you’re on your way to start making 3-4000 naira profit while keeping your daily job.

Phone Accessories Business

One of the best businesses that no one could ever underate is the phone accessories business. 

Selling phone accessories is indeed a hot business idea. 

It is a business you can even start with as little as 10k but starting with at least 20k is a better idea.

However, for you to quickly gain exposure, you will need to locate your phone accessories business in a busy location e.g road side, market etc.

Selling Men’s Undies

Undies is the short or nickname given to underwear, this is an overlooked business included in the list of top 10 10 lucrative small businesses to start with N20,000 in Nigeria.

Selling men’s underwear is an overlooked but a very profitable business for many entrepreneurs who had ventured into it.

With 20k or less, you’re good to go.

Bead Jewelry Making

Bead Jewelry making is yet another business that a lot of Nigeria has overlooked and it seemed to be fading away gradually.

Being able to make jewelry will is an advantage and a business add up.

Students love beads, especially people’s in the southern and some in the eastern part of nigeria.

Once you know how to make beads, you can make money I’m two ways; you make money selling already made beads and also make money from teaching people.

It is a business you can easily start with less than 20k.

Start A Home Service Stylist

You can also start a home service stylist e.g barber or hairdresser.

This is a profitable business and seems not to affect most jobs, whether you’re working as a self employed or working for a private or public organization.

However, before you can start this kind of business you must have acquired or be ready to to learn the skill.

All the basic equipments needed in a salon business costs less than 20k.

Start Mini Importation Business

Mini Importation Business is the process of buying goes in small quantities and selling in your home country at a competitive price which will earn you a resourceful income.

The step-by-step guidelines including the amount needed to get started has be explained here.

Mini Importation Business is a lot profitable and there’s a high chance of making the most from it.

Selling Okrika

We all know Okrika is already used clothes in other countries.

Many people cannot afford to buy new clothes therefore they usually prefer going for the quality and less price Okrika product.

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Okrika business isn’t a business that required breaking the bank, you can start with just 20k or less.

However, it’s important to learn from experienced Okrika sellers before you kickstart.

Sell Food Stuff

With food stuffs business, you don’t necessarily need to have a shop, it’s a business you can start at the comfort of your home.

With 20k or less, you can start by selling rice, beans, cassava flakes, spaghetti, semo etc.

Sell Soft Drinks

Soft drinks like coke, malt, fanta, 7up can be kickstart with just 20k provided you already have a fridge or freezer.

You just need to be sure you are buying from the right supplier at the normal price.

Frequently Asked Questions On Top 10 Lucrative Businesses To Start With N20,000 In Nigeria

The following are the related questions to the top 10 lucrative small businesses to start with N20,000 in Nigeria:

Is this the list of all businesses that can be started with 20k in Nigeria?

No, there are lot of them, this article only speaks about the top 10.

Can Starting a business with 20,000 turn big overtime?

Yes, but it requires patient, perseverance and consistency in the business.

Can I Start a blog With Zero Capital?

This is very unlikely. However, if you’re able to find one, know that the opportunity to make money from it will be narrow.


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