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What Are The Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria 2023 With Low Capital?

If you’ve been asking “what are the best businesses to start in Nigeria in 2023 with low capital?” Then, you’re already in the right place to gain insights into what businesses require low startup capital.

A business can be seen as a low-capital business if the amount needed can be afforded by the average individual.

Poverty is the reason why some people who dreamt big weren’t able to achieve their goals.

They might try all efforts, everything in their capacity but yet, but nothing good comes out of it.

Many people have been trying so hard to make sure they start their own businesses in the previous years but all efforts proof abortive and this is why they tend to ask “what are the best businesses to start in Nigeria 2023 with low capital” I’ve decided to give insight as well.

What Are The Best Businesses To Start In Nigeria 2023 With Low Capital?

The answers to the questions- what are the best businesses to start in Nigeria 2023 with low capital as been provided in this article, therefore, it’s important you choose the right one you believed could be suitable for you.

One hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) are the amount deemed to be more affordable for the average individual.

For this reason, this article will speak on businesses that can be started with as little as 100k, 200k, and below.

what are the best businesses to start in Nigeria 2023 with low capital

What are the best Businesses to start in Nigeria in 2023 with low capital?

1. Small Scale Phone Accessories Business

The first answer to the question (what are the best businesses to start in Nigeria 2023 with low capital) is starting a small-scale phone accessories business.

This business, average Nigeria can venture into it simply because it’s profitable and doesn’t necessarily demand huge capital.

With two hundred thousand naira and below, you can decide to start your phone accessories business today, this amount will cover all the needed expenses required in the business.

Some phone accessories you can start with are;

  • Phone screen protector
  • Phone batteries
  • Chargers
  • Power banks
  • Earpiece
  • Earpod
  • Desktop charger
  • USB cable
  • Memory cards
  • Flash drives
  • Headsets etc.

Before starting this business, it’s would be good enough if you find a good location suitable for the business.

2. Provision Store

The second answer to “what are the best businesses to start in Nigeria 2023 with low capital” is opening a provision store in Nigeria.

A good-looking provision store could be started with 200k and below.

Even though most of the available mini-provision stores with freezers start with 100k and make money every day, it should be included as one of the Fastest Growing Businesses To Start In Nigeria Right Now.

Provision stores don’t necessarily need to be in a place like a market place, busy roadside.

You can find a place in your local area.

However, you should aspire to move to a good business location when it grows better.

This will increase your sales and income at the same time.

3. Liquid Soap Production

One of the numerous ways you can make money online is through the production of liquid soap, the demand for this soap is yet to be met by big companies.

You can kick-start this business in the comfort of your home and still make a huge profit.

You must have come across some of the locally made liquid products packaged in a bottle, or gallon and sell between N50, N100, N200, and N2,000. 

Also, liquid soap production is not the kind of business in which you must invest huge capital in.

Even with just N20,000 only, you can start the business.

However, for faster sales, you must advertise the business to your neighborhood, restaurants, hotels, bakers, caterers, and lots more.

However, it’s a must for you to acquire knowledge from a professional, and ask questions when required, in this way, you will have a wealth of knowledge on how to get it done successfully by yourself.

4. Eggs Supply & Distribution

In this business, much carefulness is required at your end.

Though it’s profitable, you should have it in mind that eggs are fragile, a single mistake can break eggs.

Eggs are known to be a rich source of protein, good for health, and useful for making confectioneries e.g shampoo, soaps, and a lot more.

Eggs supply is a business you don’t necessarily need to start with huge capital. 

You can start this business with less than 100k and make a huge profit, but it’s more profitable if you have a poultry farm.

5. P.O.S Business

Number 5 answer to the topic of what are the best businesses to start in Nigeria 2023 with low capital is POS Business.

POS is the acronym for point of sales.

It’s one of the recent businesses in Nigeria introduced by banks and fintech companies.

It’s a business opportunity that has helped millions of unemployed.

The POS Business start-up capital is a lot cheaper when compared to many businesses and very easier for average people to venture into.

There’s no location in Nigeria today where you won’t find a POS agent, some rural areas and urban areas.

Also, most of the fintech companies e.g Palmpay, Opay, dataway, kuda bank, and most of the commercial banks include this feature in their system making it possible for people to become self-employed.

You may decide to become an online banking or commercial banking agent, whichever one you choose, you need to meet their requirements.

Another thing you need to know is that a POS business is a business you can start in the comfort of your home so you can make a banner to advertise your business.


In conclusion, starting your own business could be the best step you will take to succeed. 

There are a lot of benefits in starting your own business, even with the little you have, you can invest it in the business and watch it grow in a few months.

What’s important is taking the business seriously, in a short period of time, you will surely see the business growing.


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