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Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria 2023

Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria

Are you living in a rural area and thinking of a profitable business that will suit you, this article is meant for you if you answered yes.

Note that, depending on your location, some rural areas lack good facilities e.g. running water, stable power supply, good roads, security, etc.

If you’re considering starting a business, you must first think of this. Some businesses that need a stable power supply cannot be run in a rural area where there is no or their power supply isn’t stable like for others and many other facilities.

In general, most rural areas cannot be compared to urban areas in terms of facility, yet all hope is not lost, there are still some business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria and that is what you will explore in today’s article.

What are the business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria we’re talking about?

They can be found in the section below:

List of Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria 2023

Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria in 2023
Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria in 2023

Here are the list and the needed information about the business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria in 2023:


I could remember decades ago when I spent most of my time in a rural area. Then, finding a Barber isn’t an easy task. Oftentimes, we would need to trek a long way to a neighboring community for grooming or wait until its market day. 

Unfortunately, we might end up not finding any barber to help in grooming our hair and finally end up having our haircut with a sharp blade. 

Today, unlike those days, you can easily find a barber around you, yet it cannot be compared to the urban areas because most barbers in rural areas majorly depend on generators. 

With that being said, there is a golden opportunity of starting a barbing salon business in rural areas due to less competition. The lesser the competition, the higher amount of money you make.

Setting up a barbing business in rural Nigeria can be a rewarding venture. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for styling, a skilled barber can quickly establish a loyal clientele. Word of mouth travels fast in tight-knit communities, and exceptional service will be acknowledged and appreciated.

As a barber in a rural area, your success is guaranteed especially when you implement good strategic planning.

Transportation Company

On business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria, we also have a “transportation company”.

As you might have known, transportation is the lifeline of any community, and this holds particularly true for Nigeria’s rural areas, where access to reliable transportation can be limited. Establishing a transportation company in such regions can be a game-changer for you.

However, starting a transportation company requires serious planning and investment. 

Depending on the specific needs of the community, as an entrepreneur, you can consider various options, such as taxi services, motorcycle transportation (popularly known as “okadas”), or even minibus services to cater to larger groups.

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Freelance Writer

Note: If there’s a usual power outage in your community, kindly continue scrolling as this is not for you. 

However, if the case isn’t like that in your area then it is essential to take a look at this as well:

The world of writing has expanded beyond the confines of traditional publications.

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Freelance writing offers an exciting opportunity for talented individuals in rural Nigeria to showcase their literary prowess and earn a living through their craft.

To embark on a freelance writing career, you must possess a passion for writing and a good command of the language. Whether it’s crafting compelling blog posts, creating engaging social media content, or producing informative articles, there is a diverse range of writing opportunities waiting to be explored.

Networking is a powerful tool in the freelance writing world. Engaging with other writers, joining online writing communities, and attending writing workshops can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

TV/Radio Repair

If you are not thinking about other business ideas, think about this golden business opportunity – TV/Radio Repair Services.

TV/Radio Repair Service is one of the most profitable business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria ever since the inception of Radio and TV.

In rural Nigeria, electronic devices like TVs and radios are cherished commodities that bring communities together and provide access to valuable information and entertainment. 

However, when these devices malfunction, finding reliable repair services can be challenging. 

Establishing a TV/Radio repair shop in rural areas can fill this gap and ensure that these essential gadgets remain in working order.

To start a successful repair business, individuals with a passion for electronics and a knack for troubleshooting will find this venture fulfilling. 

Knowledge of common issues faced by TVs and radios, along with the expertise to fix them, is essential if you’re to venture into it.

Mechanic Shop

Mechanics are in high demand in most rural areas in general.

By establishing a mechanic shop in a rural area, you not only provide much-needed vehicle maintenance and repair services but also contribute to economic growth and community development.

With that being said, it’s important to understand that setting up a mechanic shop requires a deep understanding of automotive systems and a passion for problem-solving. 

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Employing skilled mechanics and investing in ongoing training ensures that the shop can handle a wide range of vehicle repairs.

The availability of spare parts is essential for a successful mechanic shop. Building relationships with reputable suppliers or wholesalers can ensure a steady supply of genuine parts for various vehicle makes and models.

Provision Store

In rural areas, you should know provision stores play a vital role in providing everyday essentials to the community. 

These small retail businesses act as one-stop shops, offering different kinds of products that cater to the daily needs of residents, making them an indispensable part of rural life.

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Starting a provision store requires careful planning and a good understanding of the local community’s preferences and requirements. 

As an entrepreneur, you must select a strategic location that ensures easy accessibility for residents, ensuring convenience is at the forefront of their business.

Also, you may Kickstart your provision store business with as low as N100,000. 

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are also very much needed in the rural area. 

Going to urban areas every time all in the name of clothes designing is very challenging.

However, for you to embark on a successful fashion design business, you must have a passion for design and an appreciation for cultural aesthetics.

Drawing inspiration from local traditions, patterns, and textiles can create unique and authentic pieces that resonate with the community.

Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria in 2023
Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria in 2023

Electronic Store

Establishing an electronic store in rural areas can actually bridge the digital divide, offering access to essential gadgets and services, while empowering the community to embrace the benefits of modern technology.

Starting an electronic store requires a solid understanding of consumer electronics, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic accessories. 

Offering a wide selection of products ensures that customers can find the devices that meet their specific needs and preferences.

To build a reputable electronic store, partnering with authorized dealers and reputable brands is essential. 

This ensures that the store sells genuine products, providing customers with quality and reliable devices.

Poultry Farming

In the fertile lands of Nigeria’s rural areas, poultry farming has presented a lucrative business idea that not only provides a sustainable income but also addresses the rising demand for poultry products in the local and regional markets.

But bear in mind that a poultry farm requires careful planning and a deep understanding of the poultry industry. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to decide on the scale of their operation, whether it be small-scale, backyard farming, or larger commercial ventures.

Also, choosing the right breed of chickens is crucial for a successful poultry farm.

Considerations such as egg-laying capacity, resistance to local diseases, and adaptability to the local climate should be factored into the decision-making process.

POS Business

Last but not least, the list of the most profitable business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria in 2023 is starting a business as a POS agent or operator.

Establishing a Point of Sale (POS) shop in rural Nigeria can bridge the gap between traditional cash transactions and modern electronic payment methods. 

This business idea not only empowers financial inclusion but also contributes to the digitalization of the local economy.

To start a POS shop, you as an entrepreneur choose a strategic location for the POS shop, preferably in areas with high foot traffic, such as markets or community centers. 

This ensures that the shop is easily accessible and visible to potential customers.

The amount of money you can make will depend on the number of sales made, but trust me, a rural area is the best place to become successful as a POS agent.

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FAQs On Business Ideas For Rural Areas In Nigeria

Below are some related frequently asked questions on “business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria in 2023″ with their respective answers:

Which type of business is best in a rural area?

The best type of business in a rural area depends on various factors such as local demand, available resources, and the entrepreneur’s interests and skills. However, some businesses that tend to perform well in rural areas include:

Agriculture and Farming: Agriculture-related businesses, such as crop cultivation, poultry farming, and fish farming, can thrive in rural areas where there is available land and a strong agrarian culture.

Food and Beverage: Small-scale food ventures, like a provision store, restaurant, or bakery, cater to the daily needs of residents and can be profitable in rural settings.

Transportation Services: Starting a transportation company, offering taxi services or motorcycle transport (“okada”) can fulfill the mobility needs of rural communities.

Education and Training: Establishing a learning center, tutoring services, or vocational training can provide valuable skills and knowledge to rural residents.

What business can I start with 150K in Nigeria?

With a budget of 150,000 Naira, you can consider starting the following businesses:

Barbing Salon: Set up a small barbing salon, providing grooming services to the local community.

Snack Kiosk: Start a small kiosk selling snacks, drinks, or locally made treats.

Phone Accessories Store: Open a store selling mobile phone accessories and gadgets.

Clothing Retail: Begin a small clothing retail business, focusing on specific niche or target audience.

Cleaning Services: Offer cleaning and janitorial services for homes or small businesses.

What business can I start with 500k in Nigeria?

With a budget of 500,000 Naira, you can consider starting the following businesses:

Poultry Farming: Establish a small-scale poultry farm for egg production or broiler chickens.

Mini Supermarket: Open a small supermarket selling essential groceries and household items.

Computer and Accessories Store: Start a store selling computers, laptops, and related accessories.

Fast Food Joint: Set up a fast-food restaurant or a food delivery service catering to the local community.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services: Offer laundry and dry cleaning services to residents and businesses.

Which business can I start with 100k?

With a budget of 100,000 Naira, you can consider starting the following businesses:

Mobile Phone Repairs: Offer mobile phone repair services in your local area.

Fruit and Vegetable Vending: Start a small fruit and vegetable vending business.

Photography Services: Invest in basic photography equipment and offer photography services for events.

Event Decoration: Begin a small event decoration service for weddings and celebrations.

Snail Farming: Start a small-scale snail farming operation, which requires minimal space and investment.

Rounding Up

You have just explored the most profitable business ideas for rural areas in Nigeria. 

However, you should always remember that the success of any business depends on factors such as market demand, location, marketing strategies, and the entrepreneur’s dedication. 

Before starting any of the businesses mentioned in this article, it is crucial for you to thoroughly conduct research and create a solid business plan before you can venture into any of them. Success.

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