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How to apply for Eagle Cash Loan: Eagle Cash Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email and Office Address

Another loan app that has sprouted out is “Eagle Cash Loan App”. Eagle Cash loan app is a relatively new loan app that continually gains ground since invested.

This fintech loan app was launched with the aim of providing short-term loans to individuals and businesses in Nigeria.

It’s not shocking that there’s an incredible demand for loans by individuals and businesses and for this reason

You may not be familiar with this loan platform, and this loan platform is among the newly launched loan platforms with the sole aim of offering loans to individuals and businesses.

However, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you how to apply for eagle cash loan. Apart from that, I will also share their customer support contact information with you so that if you possibly need to contact them regarding their loan offer or having issues, you can quickly get them aware.

How to apply for eagle cash loan
How to apply for eagle cash loan


How does Eagle Cash loan app work?

The way eagle cash works have no clear difference from others like FairMoney, Renmoney, NiceNaira, etc. However, bear in mind that eagle cash loans have a competitive interest rate and flexible repayment.

Additionally, before you apply for eagle cash loan, be sure you understand their terms and conditions e.g. eagle cash frown on late repayment which is termed a breach of the agreement. 

Benefits of Eagle Cash loan app

Similar to some other loan apps, users can benefit from low/competitive interest rates, access to a high amount of loans, no collateral requirements, fast approval (under 24 hours) etc.

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With that being said, understand that these benefits don’t stop them from taking action against late repayment and also don’t stop them from requesting your BVN.

The benefits in detail

Below is the details on benefits of borrowing from eagle cash loan app:

Low competitive interest rate

Unlike the traditional banks, and when compared to some other digital loan apps e.g FairMoney, Carbon, Renmoney etc, the eagle cash loan app offers a low interest rate of 0.09% per day.

This is relatively low when compared to others mentioned in this article.

Access to higher amount

With the Eagle cash loan app, you can expect to get a higher amount but this will be determined by your creditworthiness.

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Therefore it is important to make repayment on or before the due date, doing this will increase your creditworthiness and access high loan amounts.

No collateral

The Eagle Cash loan app is a collateral-free loan app. To get a loan, you don’t need to provide any collateral or paperwork, just your name, contact details, and BVN are enough to get your loan easily.

Fast approval

With eaglecash loan app, one of the benefits you’ll enjoy is their fast and secured approval process. 

If you apply for a loan, you should expect the loan to get dispersed within 5 minutes or less than 24 hours.

Eagle Cash loan requirements

Before you apply for eagle cash loan, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a bank account with a phone number linked to your BVN
  • Make sure you are between the age of 18 and 65
  • You must reside or be a Nigerian citizen
  • You must have a job or be self-employed.
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Eagle Cash loan borrowing amount

Before I showed you how to apply for eagle cash loans, you ought to have known about their borrowable amount. 

The Eagle Cash loan app allows customers to borrow up to the sum of N500,000 only. 

However, if you are a new customer, you shouldn’t expect this amount immediately, the amount of loan you will get as a new borrower will be ridiculously low, however borrowing the low loan amount and repaying on time will increase your credit score to a higher loan amount.

Eagle Cash loan repayment

Eagle cash loans offer a maximum loan repayment date set at 180 days and do note that the higher the amount the higher the loan repayment date. 

How to apply for Eagle Cash loan without collateral

Ready to apply for a loan? Here’s how to apply for eagle cash loan without collateral:

  • Download eagle cash loan app from playstore or from this APK site
  • Launch the app and sign up by filling in the required spaces with your real information
  • Proceed and click on “apply for a loan” then provide your BVN where required
  • Wait for the review process
  • Get your loan if approved. 

Note that if the loan is not approved, you can still reapply later on the specified days.

Eagle Cash Customer Care Phone Number

As of the time this article was written, eagle cash hasn’t unveiled their phone number making it hard to reach out to their customer service on the phone.

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Eagle Cash Customer Care WhatsApp Number

As with the eagle cash WhatsApp number, there’s no information regarding their customer care WhatsApp number online or their official website.

Eagle Cash Customer Care email address

The eagle cash has an email address enabling customers to get in touch with them when necessary. 

You can send an email to eagle cash email address via

Eagle Cash Office Address

For any enquiry, you can visit eagle cash office address at Ikeja 101233, Ikeja, Lagos.

FAQs on Eagle Cash Loan

Here are some frequently asked questions on “Eagle Cash Loan: How to Apply, Customer Care Phone and Whatsapp Number, Email and Office Address”:

What is eagle cash maximum loan amount?

Eagle cash loan app is very organized and effective, there’s a loan for everyone, and the maximum amount of loan you can obtain from the platform is currently N500,000, however, getting a loan or up to N500,000 will depend on your creditworthiness.

Is Eagle Cash Loan Platform Legit?

The eagle cash loan app tends to be legit. 

Yet, it’s still important to read more reviews about them before deciding to take a loan from them.

Is Eagle Cash loan app approved by CBN?

Currently no, there’s no information containing their CBN approval and there’s a high chance it is not approved by CBN. 

It is important to stay careful when trying to borrow online so as to not fall victim to loan sharks.

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