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Top 11 Business Ideas For Undergraduates Students In 2023

Business Ideas For Undergraduates Students In University Campus

You don’t need to stay broke as an undergraduate while studying at a university or need to wait longer for your parents to send money, you can start living independently even while in school once you have a personal stream of income. To live independently while in school, you may need to start your own business or you may bother not to if only your parents and or guardian are financially buoyant. However, if you don’t fall into that category, then it’s advisable you learn how to start while in school. In this article, I’ll share with you the top 11 business ideas for undergraduate students in 2023.

These businesses will in no way disturb their study or negatively impact their exams.

If you don’t allow complacency to overshadow then definitely you can make even more money than the amount a lecturer gets paid.

Ready to become financially ok? Then read this article till the end – Business Ideas For Undergraduates Students In 2023.

Business ideas for Undergraduates Students In 2023

11 Business Ideas For Undergraduates Students In 2023

There are many business ideas for undergraduate students which they can easily venture into while at school but it’s crucial you choose the best which can balance your education and business.

Below are the top 11 business ideas for undergraduates students in 2023 you need to explore today:

1. Blogging

Blogging is the first and foremost business idea I can recommend for any student at any level. 100L, 200L, 300L or 400L.

In my previous article- Profitable Business To Start With 100k In Nigeria 2023, blogging was the second among the list of top 10, it’s next to farming.

Blogging entails having a website, with helpful content and a lot more.

On a daily basis, the number of website owners is incredibly increasing due to the many benefits allocated in it.

Blogging has no age restriction, it only requires the needed knowledge and you’re good to go.

2. Content Writing

The second on the list of business ideas for undergraduate students in 2023 is content writing. 

Content Writing– entails writing for people or websites in exchange for money.

The amount of money you can earn from content writing may vary.

However, if you reside in Nigeria, you should expect low payment from clients, yet, being a low payment doesn’t mean you won’t leave independently.

The more clients you have the more the income rate.

Also, to make a huge amount of money from content writing, you may need to sign up on Upwork or Fiverr, you can earn a living sourcing content writing jobs there but will need to be very patient.

3. Photography Business Idea

It’s ideal to go for this offline business, this is a kind of business that can seamlessly earn you a living while in school.

Students love partying and you should expect to get paid for taking their picture.

Note: Photographer is a skilled work which means you need to acquire the needed skills before you can call yourself a professional photographer.

4. Popcorn Business

This is by far one of the most profitable business ideas for undergraduate students at the university level.

Popcorn tops the list amongst the hot-selling snacks in schools so you should expect to make a living from this kind of business.

Popcorn Business doesn’t require much effort at your end, yet it’s important you acquire the right knowledge needed to successfully get it done.

5. Tutoring Business

If you have astonishing knowledge about a particular subject; English language, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Government, Chemistry, CRS, IRS, PHE, etc, you may venture into this business idea.

As an undergraduate student, you can take tutoring as a part-time business or Job.

Depending on the location, you can earn nothing less than N500 teaching a subject within an hour, and spending three hours teaching three classes on a particular subject will surely earn you N1,500 and beyond.

In states like Lagos, Port Harcourt, etc, the price should be higher than this.

6. Delivery Service

Delivery service is yet one among the list of business ideas for undergraduate students in 2023.

It is a business or service you can render in your leisure time.

However, if you need to start this business, you will need to have either a bicycle or motorcycle, this will enable you to deliver various goods which include and not limited to food, groceries, etc, within and outside the school campus.

7. Affiliate Marketing Business

As you might have known, affiliate marketing entails selling other people’s products in exchange for money.

You can sign up for digital products or on online stores like Etsy, eBay, Jumia, Konga etc, as an affiliate and promote the given affiliate link on websites or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Ticktock, and Twitter. 

When a customer purchased through your link you’ll surely earn a commission which can be withdrawn to your local bank account.

8. Web Design

As mentioned in the first step, the number of website owners is incredibly increasing, this is an opportunity for web designers to make money while in school.

You can easily create a website using WordPress CMS instead of coding a custom website from scratch.

A website designed for clients could earn you nothing less than N10-20k.

9. Tailoring Business

Tailoring is the 8th on the list of business ideas for undergraduate students in 2023.

It’s indeed a skilled business many students in Universities depend on for survival.

You can start this business in school once the right skills have been acquired earlier before getting to the university.

10. Barbing

Here’s another fantastic skill you may need to learn to make money and live financially free in school.

A barber can expect to get paid as high as N700-1000 per haircut.

11. Hairdresser

This is more like the barbing business and is included in the list of business ideas for undergraduate students.

You should also expect to get paid from as little as N300 to thousands of naira per person. It solely depends on the hairstyle.


You’ve just taken a look at the top 11 business ideas for undergraduate students, students can venture into any of these businesses once they have what it takes.

In some businesses, money isn’t the basic Requirement but knowledge one such is hairdressing.

Hairdressing requires nothing much for a start than acquiring the rightful skills likewise barbing. The two of them fall into similar categories.


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