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Top 10 List Of Fast Growing Businesses In Nigeria 2023

List of fast growing businesses in Nigeria

In recent years many business ideas have been considered the fastest growing business in Nigeria. 

These businesses are not just the fastest growing businesses but rather they’re very lucrative and profitable.

And here today, I’ll give you insight into the top 10 list of fast-growing businesses in Nigeria in 2023.

Top 10 List Of Fast Growing Businesses In Nigeria In 2023

The top 10 list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria in 2023 can be found here:

Agriculture Business 

Agriculture remains the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, and its potential for growth is broad. It is the first on the list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria today.

The country boasts fertile land and favorable climatic conditions, making it suitable for a wide variety of crops. 

As the population grows, so does the demand for food products. 

Entrepreneurs are tapping into this opportunity by investing in agribusiness ventures ranging from crop cultivation to agro-processing, thereby contributing to food security and economic development

Fintech Company

The second on the list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria is the fintech company.

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Despite progress, a significant portion of Nigeria’s population remains unbanked or underbanked.

 However, the fintech companies are at the forefront of addressing this challenge by offering financial inclusion solutions. 

Mobile banking, digital wallets, and microfinance services enable individuals and businesses to access banking services conveniently, empowering them to manage their finances effectively and participate in the formal economy.

Fashion and Beauty

We also have fashion and beauty in the list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria today.

The fashion and beauty industry in Nigeria has witnessed tremendous growth, 

These days, local designers are gaining global recognition, and online fashion retail platforms are transforming the way Nigerians shop for clothing and beauty products. 

As social media influence continues to rise, fashion influencers and beauty bloggers are shaping consumer preferences and driving brand engagement.

Entertainment and Media

Entertainment and media are also in the list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria in 2023.

Nigeria’s entertainment industry which is known as Nollywood, has earned international recognition as the third-largest film industry globally. 

The music sector also thrives with numerous talented artists and a vibrant music scene.

 In addition to movies and music, digital media platforms, including streaming services, online radio, and video-sharing websites, have reshaped how Nigerians consume entertainment content.

Exportation Business 

Nigeria’s abundant natural resources and diverse products have made the exportation business a lucrative option for many entrepreneurs.

 Crude oil, solid minerals, agricultural produce, and handicrafts are some of the sought-after export items. 

With a renewed focus on international trade partnerships and policies, Nigerian businesses are expanding their reach to global markets, reaping substantial rewards for their efforts.

Fast Food Outlets 

The fast food industry in Nigeria is flourishing due to changing lifestyles and a preference for convenience among consumers. 

A growing number of people who dwell in urban areas are embracing fast food outlets that offer a variety of delicious local and international meals.

As an entrepreneur looking to start a business, this can be a good idea. It is also found in the list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria today.

Real Estate Business 

The Nigerian real estate industry is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by an expanding middle class and urbanization. 

Property development, investment, and rentals are thriving in major cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. 

The rise of commercial and residential complexes, coupled with infrastructural development, is attracting both local and foreign investors, making real estate a promising sector for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bakery (Bread) Business

Bakery businesses, particularly those specializing in bread, have seen remarkable growth in Nigeria. 

Bread remains a staple food item for millions of Nigerians, making it a consistent and in demand product. 

Local bakeries are leveraging modern technology and distribution networks to supply fresh, affordable bread to communities across the country, carving a profitable niche in the market.


The digital revolution cannot be left untouched, and blogging as one of the digital businesses has emerged as a promising business venture. 

With increasing internet penetration and a tech-savvy population, bloggers are leveraging their creativity and expertise to build online platforms that cater to diverse interests. 

Through advertising, sponsored content, and collaborations, bloggers are monetizing their platforms and gaining prominence in the digital space.

Catfish Farming

Last but not the least on list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria is catfish farming.

Catfish farming has become a lucrative  business sector in Nigeria, thanks to its high demand and profitability. 

With a growing appreciation for the nutritional benefits of fish, catfish has gained popularity among consumers. 

Entrepreneurs are leveraging modern aquaculture practices, enabling them to rear these freshwater fish in controlled environments, ensuring higher yields and better quality. 

Government initiatives and support have also played a vital role in promoting sustainable catfish farming practices across the nation.

FAQs On List Of Fast Growing Businesses In Nigeria

Here are some frequently asked questions in the list of fast growing businesses in Nigeria today with answers:

What business moves very fast in Nigeria?

E-commerce is a business that moves very fast in Nigeria. 

With the increasing internet penetration and a growing middle class, more Nigerians are embracing online shopping for convenience and a wide range of products. 

Setting up an e-commerce store or becoming a seller on established e-commerce platforms allows businesses to reach a large customer base quickly.

However, due to the highly competitive nature of the industry, providing unique products, excellent customer service, and efficient logistics are key to success.

What business can I start with 250k in Nigeria?

With 250,000 Naira, you can consider starting a small-scale retail business, such as a mini grocery store, a mobile food stall, or a fashion accessories shop. 

These businesses require relatively low startup costs and can be operated on a small scale initially. 

Additionally, you can explore online businesses like dropshipping, where you act as an intermediary, connecting customers to suppliers without holding inventory, thereby reducing overhead costs.

What business can I start with 500k in Nigeria?

With 500,000 Naira, you have more options for starting a business with slightly higher capital requirements. Some business ideas include:

Fast Food Restaurant or Food Delivery Service: Establishing a small fast food joint or a food delivery service can be a profitable venture, catering to the busy urban population.

Mini Bakery: Starting a small bakery can be a lucrative business, producing bread, pastries, and snacks for sale to local customers and nearby shops.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services: Providing laundry and dry cleaning services to both individuals and businesses can be a viable business opportunity, especially in urban areas.

What business can I start with 150K in Nigeria?

With 150,000 Naira, you can explore various small-scale businesses, such as:

Selling Fashion Accessories: You can start a small business selling fashion accessories like jewelry, handbags, or shoes through online platforms or local markets.

Mobile Phone Accessories: Selling mobile phone accessories, such as chargers, phone cases, and screen protectors, can be a profitable venture, given the widespread use of smartphones.

Cleaning Services: Offering cleaning services to residential or commercial spaces can be a low-cost business with good earning potential, depending on demand in your area.

Event Planning and Decoration: If you have good organizational and creative skills, you can start an event planning and decoration service, helping clients organize weddings, parties, and other events.

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