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How To Become MTN Momo Agent and Make Money – How To Locate MTN Momo Agent Near

How To Become MTN Momo Agent and Make Money – How To Locate MTN Momo Agent Near

Today, Mobile Money like MTN Momo, Opay, Palmpay, and Kuda have definitely made a remarkable impact when it comes to offering convenience and ease of financial transactions. 

Whether you need to send money, pay bills, or access financial services, finding the nearest MoMo Agent is crucial. MTN is known as a leading telecom provider which has made it remarkably simple to locate a MoMo Agent near you. In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to know about how to become an MTN Momo agent and make money, including how to locate an MTN Momo agent near you. 

Let’s delve in now.

How To Become MTN Momo Agent and Make Money - How To Locate MTN Momo Agent Near
How To Become MTN Momo Agent and Make Money – How To Locate MTN Momo Agent Near

Before going into how to locate an MTN Momo agent near you, kindly explore this “how to become MTN Momo agent and make money easily in 2023.

Are you ready? If affirmative, let’s get started now.

How To Become MTN Momo Agent And Make Money In 2023

Firstly, you must meet the MTN Momo agent requirements.

Kindly check to confirm if you meet the requirements.

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Requirements for MTN MoMo Agents

  • Have an existing business or are willing to invest in agency business.
  • Have a Brick & Mortar/Immovable retail shop e.g. Pharmacy Pop & Mom Shop located in high foot traffic.
  • Viable means of identification (National ID, Driver’s License, International passport or Voters card).
  • Readiness to provide 1 passport photograph.
  • Capability to provide a Working Capital of N20,000 and above.
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Do you meet these requirements?

If yes, then you can proceed to the next step.

Visit the Nearest MTN Outlet

Once you’ve confirmed that you meet all the requirements, head to the nearest MTN outlet. 

Here, you can pick up the MoMo Agent application form and submit your details. The MTN staff will guide you through the application process and provide you with the necessary information.

Download the Application Form

Additionally, you can download the MoMo Agent application form online. 

Simply visit the official MTN website or follow the provided link to access the form. Fill out the form with accurate information and submit it as instructed.

Field Staff Visit

After submitting your application, MTN’s field staff will contact you to arrange a planned visit. 

During this visit, they will assess your suitability as a MoMo Agent. 

Be prepared to answer questions and provide any additional information they may require.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more easy process, you can become a MoMo Agent through self-onboarding:

Dial *502#

Using your MTN phone number, dial *502#.

Accept T&C

You’ll receive a prompt to approve your MTN SIM registration details to be used as your MoMo wallet ID KYC. Select “1” to accept the Terms and Conditions and proceed to the next step.

Create a 4-Digit PIN

Follow the prompts to create a 4-digit PIN for your MoMo Agent wallet. 

This PIN ensures the security of your transactions.

Confirm PIN

Reconfirm your 4-digit PIN to ensure accuracy.

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Wallet Creation

Your new MoMo Agent wallet is now created. 

You’ll receive USSD and SMS notifications confirming your new MoMo Agent wallet.

How to Locate an MTN MoMo Agent Near You

The process of locating a nearby MoMo Agent starts with your mobile phone. Simply dial *223# on your MTN mobile device.

After dialing *223#, you will be presented with a menu of options. 

To locate a MoMo Agent, press “1” on your keypad or screen. This action will carry out the agent-finding process.

Following your selection, you will be prompted to enter your state. 

Type in the name of your state using the keypad.

Once you’ve entered your state, you will need to provide your Local Government Area (LGA). 

This helps narrow down the search to your specific locality.

After inputting your LGA, the system will process your request, and within moments, it will display the address and phone number of the closest MoMo Agent to your specified location. 

This information is invaluable as it allows you to quickly reach out to the agent or visit their shop for your financial needs.

FAQs On How To Become MTN Momo Agent and Make Money – How To Locate MTN Momo Agent Near

Here are some frequently asked questions on How To Become MTN Momo Agent and Make Money – How To Locate MTN Momo Agent Near with answers:

How do I find my MTN MoMo agent?

To find your nearest MTN MoMo agent, follow these simple steps:

  • Dial *223# on your MTN mobile phone.
  • Select option 1 to locate an agent.
  • Enter your state and Local Government Area (LGA).
  • The address and phone number of the closest MoMo agent to your specified location will be displayed.
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How do I contact the MoMo agent?

You can contact your MoMo agent on “180Simply dial the number on your phone and proceed with the calling. A customer care representative is willing to assist you.

What is the bank name of MoMo agent?

MTN MoMo agents are not associated with specific banks. 

They are independent agents authorized by MTN to provide Mobile Money services. While they carry out financial transactions, they do not represent a particular bank.

Transactions with MoMo agents are usually linked to your MoMo wallet, not a specific bank account.

How do I register as an MTN agent?

To register as an MTN agent, you should visit your nearest MTN outlet or contact MTN directly for information on the registration process. 

Becoming an MTN agent involves meeting specific requirements and going through a verification process to ensure you can provide Mobile Money services.

How do I open a MoMo agent?

To open a MoMo agent shop, you can follow these steps:

Ensure you meet the requirements set by MTN, including having a physical retail location and the necessary identification.

Visit your nearest MTN outlet or contact MTN to inquire about becoming a MoMo agent.

Complete the application process, which may involve filling out forms and providing required documentation.

After approval, MTN will provide you with the necessary tools and training to operate as a MoMo agent.

How do MoMo agents get paid?

MoMo agents earn commissions on various transactions conducted through their shops. 

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