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When will Wakanda Inu reach 1 Naira

Wakanda Inu is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2021 by some African cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The cryptocurrency did very well on launch and rose to a high of $0.0000004689.

Since the all time high, the journey has been more of a rollercoaster ride, seeing it fall a massive -97%

The initial hype that surrounded Wakanda Inu made it seem like it will be an heaven of investment, but things didn’t really turned out well and unfortunate investors are licking their wounds, Wondering what went wrong.

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Investors that didn’t cash out are the one’s now asking when it will rise again.

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When will Wakanda Inu reach 1 Naira ?

Before I answer this question let’s take a look at the official Wakanda Inu circulating supply.

If you take a look at coinmarketcap you’ll see that this coin has a circulating supply of 39,244,753,003,542 WKD. That’s around 39 Trillion.

with this circulating supply, for Wakanda Inu to reach 1 Naira each will mean a market cap of 39 Trillion Naira and 90 billion USD.

Looking at those numbers, do you think it’s possible? A Marketcap of 90 billion USD will mean that Wakanda Inu surpasses very strong cryptocurrencies like BNB, cardano, solana and the likes, which to me is very unlikely to happen in the near future.

When will Wakanda Inu reach 1 dollar

wakanda inu will not reach 1 dollar in the nearest future, because that will mean a 39 Trillion dollar Marketcap, considering it’s circulating supply of 39,244,753,003,542 WKD. This remains out of reach for the foreseeable future.

Will Wakanda Inu rise again

The Cryptocurrency market as a whole is Currently down, with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other big cryptocurrencies affected. So if you have Wakanda Inu, it’s no surprise that it so so down at the moment.

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Once the crypto Market begins to catch up again, Wakanda Inu and the likes will surely rise again, although it maybe hard to reach the previous all time high of $0.0000004689.

Is Wakanda Inu a good investment

With crypto as a whole, investing on Wakanda Inu should be seen as a high risk investment, but if you are sure of yourself (your pocket and your patience) then Wakanda Inu can be a good investment that can make you reach in the future.

Is wakanda Inu good for long term investment

Wakanda inu is a long term crypto and it’s predicted to reach $0.000003584837 – $0.0000081262476 price range, in 5 years time.

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It’s advisable to hold on to any cryptocurrency you have for now till the next bull run, before you make any sell as you may end up selling for peanuts.

Note NFA: This piece of content is only for informational purposes and should not in anyway be taken as an investment advise.

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