Kuda, opay, fairmoney: online bank cards in Nigeria compared

Microfinance banks like kuda, opay, fairmoney and others are probably some of the best thing that have happen to an average Nigerian when it come to online banking and or finance as a whole.

Apart from being reliable as a physical banking co-operation, they have move a step further to make things easier for the average person, these include but not limited to instant loan, optimized savings options like fixed deposit and flexible savings as well as card services.

Our focus on this post will be on card services. You might have not been aware that kuda , opay and fairmoney are giving out physical debit cards to users of their application. Well I’m happy to let you know that these has been something for quite awhile now and anyone using the kuda, opay or Fairmoney app can easily get the cards.

Opay, fairmoney and kuda debit card services

On this post, I’ll compare the cards of opay, kuda and fairmoney to help you see which of them is likely to work well for you and I’ll also cover all the necessary information you’ll need for each card. Let’s goo


I’ve been able to use opay, fairmoney and kuda bank cards , while opay and kuda have been around for more than a year now, fairmoney card on the other hand is still very new and fairmoney released the first batch of the cards to users August this year.

In my usage of opay and kuda bank cards, both have been reliable and have served me well, the only problem arise if there’s a general network issues.

As for fairmoney I’ve used the card for close to a month and 30% of the time it doesn’t dispend cash due to some error.

I hope as time goes on fairmoney will get to address this issue.

So for now I’ll say that kuda and opay cards are more reliable .

Opay, fairmoney and kuda card ATM Withdrawal fee

all three banks offer free withdrawal fee across all ATM and POS terminals in the country, so if ATM withdrawal fee is a problem to you, then you have nothing to worry about, at least for now, as we don’t know what the future holds.

fairmoney, opay and kuda card issuance charges and delivery fee

The three microfinance banks currently issue their cards for free, but the delivery fee is what separates them.

how much does kuda charge for debit card?

As at the time of publishing this post kuda microfinance bank charges 0 Naira for debit card issuance and 1900 Naira for delivery fee. If you’re in Lagos, you can select a pickup station, once the card is ready, you can pick it up at zero fee.

how much does opay charge for debit card?

is opaycard free? No, As at the time of publishing this post opay charges 0 Naira for debit card issuance and 1100 Naira for delivery fee.

how much does fairmoney charge for debit card?

is fairmoney card free? Yes, As at the time of publishing this post fairmoney microfinance bank charges 0 Naira for debit card issuance and 0 Naira for delivery fee.

Card maintenance fee

One of the objectives of microfinance bank is to reduce the cost of banking for the average person, and we’ve seen that come to play here as the trio of opay, kuda and fairmoney charges no fee on card maintenance.

Kuda, fairmoney and opay card benefits and incentives

When it comes to incentives, Cashback and bonuses, opay and fairmoney are really trying, I must commend them for that, but unfortunately for their debit cards, they are currently no incentives attached to the usage of each of these cards, but you should not be discouraged, take the free withdrawals and zero maintenance fee charges as a bonus.

Delivery time

how long does it take to get opay card

If you want to apply for an Opay card or you’ve applied already, it will take virtually two weeks for the card to get to you, although it can be faster, depending on how close your location is to Lagos.

how long does it take to get kuda card

Kuda microfinance bank card delivery will take approximately two weeks to get to you, notwithstanding your location within the country.

how long does it take to get fairmoney card

If you’ve applied or you want to apply, it will take virtually two weeks for your Fairmoney card to get to you, that the time range I waited to get mine.

In conclusion opay, kuda and fairmoney cards are very similar in what the offer, for now kuda and opay are more stable compared to fairmoney, that doesn’t mean fairmoney is bad. Apart from that the delivery fee are quite different, with kuda having the highest delivery fee for now.

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