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6 Cool Ways To Make Money On WhatsApp In Nigeria

Many people have been asking if it is ever possible to make money on WhatsApp. And truly WhatsApp is not a social media platform like Facebook, neither Instagram nor Twitter, it is popularly known as a messaging platform. But can one really make money on WhatsApp?The answer is yes, you can absolutely make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria. In this article, I will show you 6 cool ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria easily.

You aren’t the first person to know these 6 cool ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria, a lot of people have known it and here you are, you can also seize the opportunity and start making cool cash just through WhatsApp.

It is my duty to show you how to make money on WhatsApp but it’s also your duty to follow the given guidelines. I’ll enjoin you to ensure you read this article till the very end to gain enough and better insight.

Without having to take much of your time, kindly read on.

6 cool ways to make money on WhatsApp
6 cool ways to make money on WhatsApp

6 Cool Ways To Make Money On WhatsApp In Nigeria 

Below are the details you need to know on how to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria in 6 different ways:

1. Market Your Skills Or Product

The most popular of the Cool ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria is by Marketing your skills and or sell your products.

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I’ve personally seen businesses making use of this strategy.

They direct traffic from their social media paid ads or free adverts to their WhatsApp channel/group.

Instead of you promoting other people’s properties, you can market your business and or skills and get paid just for doing that.

Also, another good way of making money on WhatsApp is to start a WhatsApp TV (not a TV station) but a WhatsApp group where you’ll be posting latest updates e.g entertainment, news, politics news directly from your blog.

Note: You must be posting on your WhatsApp stature every day to keep people engaged.

Whenever people click through the links from your blog post on your Whatsapp stature or group, it will direct them to your blog and if the site is monetized then, without doubt, you’d be making cool money directly from your blog through WhatsApp.

2. Short Links

Another of the 6 cool ways to make money on WhatsApp is through short Links.

I’m sure not everyone is familiar with it, yet everyone who uses the internet must have come across it one, two, or more times.

Short links are one of the cool ways to make money on WhatsApp and most of the big boys in the blogging industry have been making use of this advantage.

I could remember, this is even one of the things that led me into blogging, that was around 2019.

But because of those that aren’t familiar with what short links are, below is a brief explanation:

Short Links are shortened links that when clicked will direct clickers to a particular website.

For example, the original link that leads to a website can be like but when shortened, it may not be longer than “bitly“, if the bitly is clicked it would direct the clicker to the same URL above but will not show any of the above characters.

You’ve been thinking this is meaningless?

No, it’s not, it has a lot of value!

How You Make Money Using Short Links

Now, for you to start making money from short links, what you’ll need to do is search for any information that you believe will get the attention and interest of people on WhatsApp group or your status, copy the link of the information which will look like the first link in the example above and go directly to a URL Shorter website, sign up and log in, paste the link and get it shortened for you automatically then copy the shortened link which may look like bitly, go to your Watsapp group or any other Whatsapp group and your status, paste the link and when clicked by people, it will show them advertisements for few seconds before finally shows them the main information.

Whenever people click on the shortened link, you’ll earn a cent and when many people click it you are making a huge amount of money already.

3. Affiliate Links

Not only Bloggers make money with affiliate marketing, but individuals like you can also make money from affiliate programs.

People make money from affiliate marketing programs through the affiliate Links provided for them which when people click and make purchases, will get a commission of a certain amount on each purchase.

You don’t necessarily need to have a website or need to become a blogger before making money through affiliate links.

For instance, you can make a cool amount of money from the Jumia marketplace by signing up as an affiliate, getting your affiliate link, and promoting it on WhatsApp groups, statuses, etc.

Whenever people click through the link and purchase items from Jumia or any other platform you’d be getting a commission on each sale. The more the purchase, the more you earn.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Website

Just as Facebook and other social media platforms are sources of traffic, so also Whatsapp messaging platforms.

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But note, this way of making money on WhatsApp is primarily for website owners who want direct traffic.

If the site is monetized either with affiliate links or anyways of making money on WhatsApp, you’d be cashing out monthly using this method.

5. Refer Friends To Apps

The fifth of the 6 cool ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria is referring friends to download apps on the app store.

Many app developers need people to test and use their apps and pay those who are willing to recommend the apps.

Many app owners still offer this, you can search Google to see the number of apps that enable you to make money for downloading and recommending friends to download.

6. Pay per download

The last of the 6 cool ways to make money on WhatsApp in Nigeria today is through pay-per-download.

There are also platforms that allow users to upload images, videos, music, games, etc. When people download, you will earn a certain amount.

You can make money by sharing the links of the posted content to WhatsApp groups, when people follow the link to download you’ll earn money which can be withdrawn to your bank account.

7. Make Money with Whatsapp TV

You can use your WhatsApp TV to make money through your Whatsapp status.

WhatsApp TV originally known as WhatsApp Television is a branded account that seeks to entertain, inform, and educate, etc people on WhatsApp Through the status feature.

Frequently Asked Questions On 6 Cool Ways To Make Money On WhatsApp In Nigeria

Do shortened links still work in making money?

Yes, it does. Thousands of people are still making use of the advantages of shortened links.

Can I make money as an affiliate marketer without a blog?

Yes, this is one of the trending questions online and the right answer is yes.

However, having a website is an add-up.

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