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How To Get A Loan From GTBank With or Without Collateral in 2023

GT Bank is a giant commercial bank that offers quick loans in Nigeria with and without collateral. The kind of loan you want to get will determine if collateral will be demanded. However, if what brought you here is to learn how to get a loan from Gtbank in Nigeria then you are on the right page. With GT Bank, you will get a wide range of loan offers which will enable you to choose whichever suits your needs.

Below, I’ll show you the different types of GT Bank loans including how to borrow from them, kindly ensure you read this article till the very end.

How To Get A Loan From GTBank
How To Get A Loan From GTBank

GT Bank Loan Types & How To Get A Loan From GTBank

Below is the different kinds of GT bank loan types you need to know before finally taking a step to borrow:

1. GTBank Salary Advance Loan

For instance, if you are earning the sum of N200,000 only every month and you need to get a loan from Gtbank salary advance, the maximum loan offer you can get from there is 50% of your monthly salary which is N100,000 only.

However, it’s crucial you know this loan type isn’t available for everyone, instead, it is meant for only private companies employees and government agencies who have GT Bank accounts.

How To Get A Loan From GTBank Through The GT Salary Advance

For you to get a loan from the GTBank Salary Advance type, you can get it through three different methods. 

You can get it either through the GT Bank internet banking platform or by using their loan code, it can also be accessible by visiting any of their offices in the states.

2. GT Bank School Fees Advance

There’s an opportunity for parents to ensure the education of their children continues by getting a flexible loan to pay their children’s school fees, this requires little to no paperwork.

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Just like the Salary Advance Loan mentioned earlier, this loan type is also available to people or employees working in private or public organizations and having a working account with GT Bank.

How To Get A Loan From GTBank Through GTBank School Fees Advance

For you to get the loan, you need to complete and submit an application form and an employer undertaking form, a school fees bill, your identity card, and other documents required.

3. GT Bank Quick Credit Loan

This loan type is not only for salary earners alone but includes every individual.

At an interest rate of 1.33%, you can get a Gtbank quick credit loan which must be fully repaid within 6 – 12 months.

How To Borrow Money From GTBank Through Quick Credit

With this loan type, you do not need to visit any bank branch, you can easily get the loan by using the GTB Quick Credit Loan Code which is *737*51*52#.

Kindly ensure you’ve already downloaded and registered on the Access bank quick credit loan app for a quick and smooth transaction.

4. GTBank MaxAdvance Loan

This is another way in which salary earners who have accounts with GT bank can seamlessly get a loan from them. This loan type is provided basically for people working in either private or public organizations.

How To Get A Loan From GTBank Through MaxAdvance

  1. You must be working in either private or public organizations
  2. You must have an account with GT
  3. You must have means of identification e.g National Identity Card etc.

5. GT Bank MaxPlus

If you are looking towards getting a higher amount of loan from GT Bank, then GTBank MaxPlus is the right one to choose.

However, before you can assess this loan, you must be a platinum GTBank customer whose salary account is domiciled with the bank.

6. GT Bank

The GT Bank Mortgage loan type is very similar to the GT Bank MaxPlus. It’s a loan provided for prospects whose salaries accounts are domiciled.


If you are going to get this loan, you must be willing to provide the search report from the GT bank legal group, a valuation report from GT Bank-approved estate valuers, and a few other documents.

7. Computer Acquisition Scheme

If you’re currently serving as a Corp member (NYSC) this computer acquisition scheme is for you. However, it’s important you have a domiciled account with GT which ensures you paid up your loan on or before your service term ends.

How To Get GTBank Computer Acquisition Scheme Loan

You cannot get this done without visiting any of the GT branches.

On request for the computer acquisition scheme loan, you will be given a form to fill out and the evidence of domiciliation of your NYSC allowance with GTBank.

Other GTBank Loan Types

I’ve analyzed 7 types amongst the 10, below is the list of the remaining 3 Gtbank loan types;

  1. GT Bank premium advance
  2. GT Bank travel advance
  3. GTBank Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Get A Loan From GT Bank PLC

Below are answers to some questions people also ask:

What is a GT bank loan calculator?

GTBank loan calculator is a web app that was developed to help you calculate how much your loan payment and interest rate are going to be.

Can I freely ask questions during or before my loan process?

Yes, you can always ask questions pertaining to the loan you want to get, you can ask, before, during, and after you got the loan.

How long will it take GT Bank to disburse my loan to my account?

It usually takes 24 hours but in some cases, it may take longer than that.

Must I compulsorily repay the loan on or before the due time?

Yes, the loan repayment on or before the due time is a must. Sometimes, it incurs extra charges if not repaid on time.


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