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How To Get A Loan From FCMB Bank With or Without Collateral in 2023

Loans are great when you need money to support your business, settle hospital bills, complete a building project, pay for children’s school fees, and lots more. Yet, getting addicted to borrowing money from any entity won’t help one to become financially free because it has its good side and also negative sides, which is a bitter truth. However, the only advice I would give to borrowers is to not get addicted to loans. In this article, I’ll share with you tips on how to get a loan from FCMB Bank in Nigeria.

FCMB is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria that allows you to get a low-interest rate and flexible repayment option.

Brief History Of FCMB

FCMB is an acronym for First City Monument Bank, a member of FCMB Group PLC which was on 20 April 1982 by Oloye Subomi Balogun having its headquarters in Lagos and have nine subsidiaries divided among three business groups which, these are: investment banking, asset, and wealth management, and commercial and retailing banking.

In the year 2014, the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) was licensed to operate in the United Kingdom and It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Today, FCMB Bank has millions of active customers and has expanded to many countries of which Nigeria is not excluded.

How To Get A Loan From FCMB Bank
How To Get A Loan From FCMB Bank

How To Get A Loan From FCMB Bank

Ready to learn how to get a loan from FCMB Bank? Kindly read on now to be knowledgeable of how to get it done.

First City Monument Bank (Fcmb) have varieties of loan options available which allows you to choose anyone that suits your need.

In this, how to get a loan from FCMB Bank, I’ve provided tips and requirements for each loan type below.

1. Fast Cash

Fast Cash is one of the types of loans you can get from FCMB bank which is paperless and requires no collateral. It enables people to get faster access to loans with low-interest rates and flexible repayment options.

To get a fast cash loan, you will need to dial the USSD code which is *329*11 on your phone and follow the prompts.

Requirements To Get Fast Cash Loan

The FCMB Bank requires low requirements:

  1. You must be 18 years old
  2. You must have an account with FCMB
  3. You must be willing to provide a means of identification
  4. Must not have any outstanding loans with FCMB or other banks.

2. Salary Plus Loan

As the name implies, salary plus loan is a customer credit scheme that is meant solely for private or public company workers who have an FCMB account.

With this offer, you can borrow money from FCMB before your monthly salary arrived and repay immediately if you get paid by your employer.

The amount borrowed will be automatically deducted from your salary with interest as soon as your salary arrives at the bank.


The basic requirement is to be working in either a private or public company and ensure your salary is paid to your FCMB bank account and receipts to show you’ve been receiving your salary into account for at least 6 months or more.

3. Premium Salary Loan

The first city monument bank (fcmb) loan is for staff working in reputable private or public sectors. 

Only individuals who have FCMB Bank accounts and work in reputable private or public sectors can be eligible for this loan which could be up to #2,000, 000 with a low-interest rate.

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To get this loan offer, kindly visit any FCMB closer to you to apply.

If your premium salary loan request is approved your FCMB will be credited in less than 24 hours.

4. Auto Loan

If you’re interested in acquiring a car but couldn’t afford to pay the money at once then you might need the FCMB bank “Auto Loan” offer.

The FCMB auto loan type allows customers to purchase a can and make gradual repayment to the bank.

This loan offer can not be gotten either through their official website or through their mobile banking app, instead, you should go directly to any FCMB Bank around to obtain the auto loan form.

5 Cash-Backed Loan

If you are a salary earner or self-employed the Cash-Backed loan type is for you.

Your investments can be used as collateral to get the loan at a competitive rate.

Part of the benefits you’ll enjoy here are no insurance charges, flexible loan term, interest is charged per month only, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Get A Loan From FCMB Bank

You’ve learned different types of FCMB loans and tips on how to get a loan from FCMB Bank easily.

however, there are some related questions I’ve answered here, you can find answers to each question below;

How can I obtain FCMB loan repayment form?

To obtain an FCMB loan repayment form, you will need to visit the bank branch.

What is the FCMB loan repayment code?

To make a repayment of your FCMB bank outstanding loan, kindly dial *329# and follow the prompts.

Can I get a loan from FCMB without collateral?

Yes, this is very possible, most of the FCMB loan types don’t require collateral, however, there are other requirements you must’ve met before successfully getting the loan.

Does FCMB Bank have a loan calculator?

Yes, all banks have their own loan calculator individually and FCMB bank is not excluded. To see and make use of the FCMB loan calculator, kindly visit here.

Ready to get your loan?

Kindly choose a loan type believed to be suitable for you. However, you should make paying back on time (on or before the due date) your priority.


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