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Best Apps for Investing, Saving and Making Money in Nigeria

Legit Investment Apps to Save & Grow Your Money in Nigeria

The reason many people shun the Idea of investing their hard-earned (money) money online is because of the illegitimate platforms that disguise themselves as a real company. Meanwhile, people find it too difficult to identify these illegitimate platforms thereby falling victim as a result of the needed information they lack about them. Do you also want to invest your money online but fear getting scammed? You may need not worry again as I am going to show you the 6 best apps for investing & making money in Nigeria in 2023. 

These apps I’m about to show you will not only help you invest but help you in saving money purposely for future use.

I have personally used one of these apps and I’d tell you, the result was superb.

It’s ideal for you to invest the money you ought to have spent unnecessarily because, in return, it’s going to come with interest which would make you not regret the bold step taken to invest the money.

Also, the app I personally used is already the number 6th on the list of 6 best apps for investing & making money in Nigeria.

On all the 6 best apps for investing & making money in Nigeria, you can easily make money so far you’ve invested.

Nothing else would be required at your end, your only duty is to invest and see your interest growing.

Note: The options at which you can invest/save money on these investment platforms may vary, it can be done manually or automatic automatically

The options in terms of investing vary, from cryptocurrency to dollar savings apps as well as automated savings. Most of these online investment platforms provide users with an ROI of at least 14% on an annual basis.

Not to waste your time, let’s dive into the main topic- the 6 best apps for investing & making money in Nigeria in 2023.

Best Apps for investing & Making money in Nigeria
Best Apps for investing & Making money in Nigeria

6 Best Apps For Investing & Making Money In Nigeria In 2023

To ensure you don’t gain half-baked knowledge of what these investment apps are, do ensure you read till the end. 

The one I’ve personally used is included in this article and could be found in the number 6th. Its name is cowrywise.

1. PiggyVest Investment Platform

PiggyVest app is basically a savings and investment platform that allows you to easily and seamlessly invest conveniently in the comfort of your home.

The reason why some people aren’t able to save money is due to their excess spending lifestyle but this app has come to help you invest the money you ought to have spent lavishly and watch your interest grow.

However, PiggyVest investment platform has five different kinds of savings and investment options with different interest rates.

The different savings options on the PiggyVest app are as follows:

  • Piggybank
  • Flex Naira
  • SafeLock
  • Target savings
  • Investify, etc.

Whether you need a bank to deposit and withdraw your money anytime or want to make quarterly or long-term investments, this app is for you 

The benefit of investing in PiggyVest is that all forms of investment are low-risk.

2. Bamboo Investment Platform

Bamboo- This is yet another investment platform that allows you to seamlessly invest your money in naira and or dollars.

As a Nigerian investor, you’re to invest in over 3,000 US stocks easily from your smartphone.

As mentioned earlier, you can invest your money either in dollars or naira and even through ETFs.

However, you should understand that the minimum amount of money you can invest in this platform is 20 dollars or its equivalent in naira.

Also, bamboo Investment is of low risk, this simply means, the chance of losing money on this platform is very low.

3. Pillow Fund Investment App

The third on the list of the 6 best apps for investing & making money in Nigeria in 2023 is the Pillow fund investment platform.

According to them, you get value for your digital assets and get a high return on all your investment.

For Nigerians, you can invest your money in a stable coin, one of the Investment plans on the pillow fund platform, and get an annual interest rate of 14%, 6% on Bitcoin likewise ETH. The primary aim of this platform is to make investment easy for individuals.

4. Carbon Investment Platform

Carbon investment platform is one of the best, most popular, and oldest platforms which enables customers to invest and get high-interest rates on all their investments.

Unlike the pillow investment platform, carbon gives as high as 16% interest rate on their annual investment.

With their different kinds of investment options, you can easily invest just N100 (hundred). 

Do you plan to save monthly or quarterly?

Don’t worry, you have many options you can choose from.

5. PayDay Investment Platform

The 5th amongst the list of “6 Best Apps for investing & Making money in Nigeria” is the payday investment platform.

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PayDay investment portal stands amongst the best apps with low-risk investment. 

It’s a promising platform that lets you make money on all your investments easily without hassle.

With this platform, you’re allowed to invest in some of their top investment products, one of which is “Arm Money Market Fund”. 

You may decide to invest a minimum of N1000 per day, weekly or monthly either through manual or automated processes.

6. Cowrywise Investment App

This is the platform I mentioned earlier.

If you’re looking for one of the top 10 best investment platforms in Nigeria in 2023, then go no further.

According to the many user reviews, cowrywise lead when it comes to making deals with investors.

Cowrywise enables you to seamlessly save money on their app free of charge and even have the opportunity to invest in different products which would earn you high interest.

It’s a platform very similar to PiggyVest.

You can invest and lock your money on cowrywise until the maturity date. 

This platform also enables you to save and withdraw your money anytime with little to no charges.


You’ve just read reviews on the 6  Best Apps for investing & Making money in Nigeria in 2023.

All these companies are currently doing well and the desire of their customers is important to them.

Also, the risk of losing your money on these Platforms is very low. You can take a step today and boost your finances.


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