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How to set SMS alert on Moniepoint

Do you wonder why you are transacting on your Moniepoint account but even for once you have never received a notification? If you answered “Yes” then something is definitely wrong but trust me, it’s not something unsolvable. The problem you’re facing is not a technical error or happening to all moniepoint users. It’s an error that could be caused by you unknowingly. However, this article is specifically written to show you how to set sms alerts on Moniepoint easily and conveniently.

Yes, you can set it up conveniently without the help of moniepoint customer care service.

Are you ready to explore to show you how to set sms alerts on Moniepoint easily and conveniently?

If you answered “Yes”, let’s get going!

Why receiving transactions sms on Moniepoint account is important

Do you know receiving sms notifications on your moniepoint account is so important? 

It is important for several reasons and below are some of them:

Instant Updates: The number one reason why receiving  SMS notifications regarding your is that it provides quick updates on transactions made through your Moniepoint account. 

Easily, you can stay informed about activities that are being carried out on your moniepoint account.

Protection From Fraud: These days, we all know how important fraud protection is and its effect on insecurities.

However, by receiving sms on every transaction made on your account, you’d be able to quickly identify any suspicious or unauthorized transactions.

Also, will help you to act immediately if any unauthorized transaction is carried out on your account.

Account Management: With the help of sms notifications, you can always and effectively manage your moniepoint by receiving the latest updates on incoming transactions, reconciling payments, maintaining accurate transactions reports etc.

Customer Support: One of the factors people consider before using any financial app is customer support.

 In case you run into any issue with your account, you can immediately seek help from customer care by providing details as required.

How to set SMS alert on Moniepoint

How to set SMS alert on Moniepoint
How to set SMS alert on Moniepoint

Whether you have never received an SMS notification from Moniepoint or you’ve been receiving it but stopped unexpectedly, then these guidelines are for you.

Here, I’ll show you how to set alerts on moniepoint easily and without hassle. To get started, do follow the instructions given below:

The first step you need to take on how to set sms alert on moniepoint is to login immediately.

You may login to your moniepoint account either through the app or through the online portal, just use whichever you find convenient.

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Once you are logged in to your account, kindly go to the settings page.

After you’ve landed there, scroll until you see the notification preferences.

This is where you can customize your notification preferences, including SMS alerts.

Select the option to enable SMS alerts or notifications. This will be a checkbox or toggle button that you can turn on or off depending on the version you’re using.

Customize your SMS alert preferences. Some platforms may allow you to choose specific types of transactions or activities for which you want to receive SMS alerts.

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For example, you might want to receive alerts for incoming funds, outgoing payments, or account balance updates. Select the options that are relevant to you. Once you’re done, verify and save settings and you’re good to go.

FAQs| Frequently asked questions on “How to set SMS alert on Moniepoint”

You have learnt how to set SMS alert on Moniepoint, however, you can still look at some the frequently asked questions provided below:

What are the benefits of Moniepoint POS?

Increased Revenue: Moniepoint POS allows businesses to accept various payment methods, including card payments, which can attract more customers and increase sales.

Convenience: Customers can make payments using their preferred payment methods, making transactions more convenient and accessible.

Security: Moniepoint POS provides secure payment processing, reducing the risk of fraud or theft.

Fast Settlement: Funds from transactions made through Moniepoint POS are usually settled quickly, ensuring businesses have access to their funds promptly.

Expanded Customer Base: Moniepoint POS enables businesses to tap into the growing customer base that prefers digital payment methods, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How much is Moniepoint POS in Nigeria?

Moniepoint POS is in high demand in Nigeria and you can get it in any location in Nigeria. The current price for moniepoint POS is N25,000. 

Note: The price may change anytime. It’s advisable to confirm the price before deciding on getting one.

How much is the withdrawal charge for Moniepoint?

Moniepoint offers competitive withdrawal charges.

For withdrawals below and up to N20,000, moniepoint will charge you only 0.5% fee while withdrawals which is above the sum of N20,000 on moniepoint will incur a flat rate charge of N100.

Also, for money transfers to another bank from your moniepoint account, you will be charged N20 only.

What is Moniepoint daily target?

Moniepoint daily target may refer to a set goal or threshold that a Moniepoint agent must achieve in terms of the volume of transactions processed through their Moniepoint account. This target is set by moniepoint. 

Unlike a few months ago, moniepoint has increased its daily target from N25,000 to N100,000 and there’s a possibility it would be increased beyond N100,000.

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