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High Income Businesses and Skills you can Learn and Earn at least 100k Monthly

Looking for High-income businesses and skills you can learn and earn at least 100k monthly but you’ve found none, don’t worry, I got you covered in this article.

There are several high-income businesses and skills you can learn that can help you earn at least 100k monthly. Here are a few examples:

However, if you need to make money independently in Nigeria kindly go through the list.

1. Software development

Software development is more like an income-generating machine which is why I included it in the list of High income businesses and skills you can learn and earn at least 100k monthly.

With this kind of skill, there’s pure assurance that you will be banking even beyond 100k monthly.

 Software developers are in high demand both in Nigeria and abroad, and if you have the right skills, you can earn a six-figure income monthly easily. 

You can learn programming languages like Python, Java, and Ruby, and specialize in fields like web development, mobile app development, or data science.

2. Digital Marketing

Another amongst the high income businesses and skills you can learn and earn at least 100k monthly   Digital marketing is taking over the internet these days, with the rise of digital marketing, businesses need experts who can help them grow their online presence. 

You can learn skills like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing to start your own digital marketing agency or work for a company as a digital marketer.

However, you should understand that working as an employed digital marketer may only earn you some amount a bit higher than 100k monthly while working as a self-employed will be unlimited amounts of money.

3. Computer Skills

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As you might have already known, the world in which Nigeria is not excluded is going digital, and everyone there needs to be computer literate.

Believe it or not, computer skills have been and will continually be profitable skills.

Being just a computer programmer, graphics designer, software and hardware repairs, software development, and other related computer skills is a sure way to make passive income in Nigeria both online and offline.

Being knowledgeable of any of these computer skills will earn you nothing less than 100k per month, which you can confirm online.

4. E-commerce

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you must have come across different articles. I’ve discussed things related to making money from e-commerce. Making money from e-commerce businesses is a way to get rich quickly.

E-commerce is a growing industry, and if you can identify a niche and create a successful online store, you can earn a high income and be banking at least 100k weekly.

You can learn about e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay, and specialize in areas like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or creating your own product line.

High income businesses and skills you can learn and earn at least 100k monthly
High income businesses and skills you can learn and earn at least 100k monthly

5. Social Media Management

Social media management is also a reputable business idea included in this list of high income businesses and skills you can learn and earn at least 100k monthly.

Social media managers are those hired/employed to be in charge of companies’ social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other reputable social media platforms where they have thousands to millions of followers.

By helping companies, businesses, influencers, celebrities, bloggers, etc manage any of their social handles, you’d be earning 100k or more monthly depending on the company, business, or person that employed you.

6. Cryptocurrency Trading

Out of the many different ways to make money in Nigeria, making money from cryptocurrency is not excluded but unfortunately, fewer numbers of people are in the cryptocurrency trading business.

However, if you fall in the category of those who don’t know how to start a cryptocurrency trading business, kindly check the guidelines below and the link to how to successfully trade cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

For you to start making money with cryptocurrency, you’ll be required to purchase crypto from a crypto exchange platform, which could be web-based or a mobile app. 

However, You must ensure that the cryptocurrency exchange platform you choose is available in Nigeria. 

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One of the most recommended exchange platforms is Binance. Binance is available in Nigeria, and they also offer reasonable rates.

After owning some cryptocurrency, you can decide to hold your crypto or sell it immediately, it’s all left to you.

Yet, if you want to store it, you would need to store it in a trusted cryptocurrency wallet (a hardware wallet is advised).

The major reason people stop selling immediately is because of fluctuations in the market, when the price is high then you can sell for a huge profit.

Whenever you want to sell, do ensure you sell on a platform that offers a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions On High Income Businesses And Skills You Can Learn And Earn At Least 100k Monthly

Out of the many related questions to High income businesses and skills you can learn and earn at least 100k monthly, I’ve provided answers to 6 of them as you can see below:

Is it really possible to earn 100k monthly with these high income businesses and skills?

 Yes, it is possible to earn 100k monthly with these high-income businesses and skills, but it requires a combination of skills, expertise, hard work, and dedication.

How long does it take to learn these skills and start earning a high income?

 It depends on the skill and your learning curve. Some skills, like programming or digital marketing, can be learned relatively quickly, while others, like investing or consulting, may take years to develop the expertise necessary to earn a high income.

Do I need a college degree to earn a six-figure income?

No, a college degree is not always necessary to earn a six-figure income. However, it can be beneficial for certain high-income businesses and industries, such as finance, law, or medicine.

How much should I charge for my services as a consultant or freelancer?

 The amount you should charge depends on several factors, such as your expertise, experience, the value you provide, and the market demand. Research what other consultants or freelancers in your industry charge and adjust your rates accordingly.

How can I find clients or customers for my high-income business?

You can find clients or customers by networking, creating a strong online presence, offering free consultations or trials, and providing high-quality services that generate referrals and repeat business.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when starting a high-income business?

Common mistakes include underpricing your services, neglecting marketing and branding, failing to deliver quality services or products, and not focusing on customer satisfaction and retention. 

It’s important to have a solid business plan and strategy in place and to continually evaluate and adjust your approach as needed.

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