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List Of Fake Job Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria 2023

In the midst of Nigeria’s persistent battle against unemployment, fake recruitment agencies have emerged and have raided concern in our society today. Job seekers are already struggling with the challenges of finding gainful employment and unfortunately, some find themselves vulnerable to fake recruiter tactics. Therefore in this list, you will have in-depth knowledge of the list of fake recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

Also, I will show how you can safeguard yourself.

Without taking your time, let’s begin now.

List Of Fake Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria 2023

List Of Fake Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria
List Of Fake Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria

Here is the list of fake recruitment agencies in Nigeria you need to know today:


Located on Oyigbo-Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, this agency is one among many that has cunningly deceived job seekers into believing they’re true job providers.

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Therefore as a job seeker, you need to keep your distance from this so-called recruitment agency.


We also have WESTCORP SERVICES LTD as one of the list of fake recruitment agencies in Nigeria. 

It is a so-called recruitment agency operating from 6, Deji Oyenuga Street Anthony Bus/Stop, Lagos State, this agency masks its fraudulent intentions behind an official-looking and every job seeker Should beware.


Soar Group, one of the list of fake recruitment agencies in Nigeria is situated at Suite 2, Oluyole Bus-Stop, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, the Soar Group is another player in the realm of deception that both young and adult job seek need to be aware of not to fall a victim of their dubious activities.


Gilberts Group is a fake recruiter company claiming to be real but indulging in scamming activities. 

The job seekers are often their victims.

This so-called company is found in Lagos State, it adds to the growing list of fake recruitment agencies in Nigeria that exploit the dreams of job seekers.


This is a scamming group occupying First Floor, Left Wing, No. 49, Olowu Street, Off Mobolaji Bank, Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos State, Schleez Nigeria Limited has been around for a while and the rate of scamming activities from this group is alarming. 

Therefore, it’s important for job seekers to do the necessary verification before considering a job from an unknown company or community.


Global Drill Bay Oil And Gas LTD is nothing but a fake recruiter operating right from Jade Learning Centre, No. 70B, Olorunlogbson, Off Alade Lawal Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State, as a job seeker, you need to beware.


This is another fake recruitment agency claiming to be real and having their address located at No. 161 Ikorodu Road, beside Lanre Shittu Motors, Onipanu Bus/Stop, Lagos State, Medpro Global Resources contributes to the epidemic of deception.


Located at No. 203, Favour Street, Opposite Oando Filling Station, Agege Pencima Bus/Stop, Old Abeokuta Motor Road, Lagos State, CEO Resource Nigeria Ltd. capitalizes on job seekers’ desperation.


Ignitlyte is based in Suite 201, Philez Plaza, 02, Osolo Way, No. 7/8 Bus/Stop, off Murtala Mohammed Airport Road, beside Keystone Bank, Ikeja, Lagos State, Ignitlyte Limited Company exemplifies the lengths to which these agencies will go to deceive.


SYNCREV CAREERS CORPORATE AND CONSULTANCY is on the list of fake recruitment agencies in Nigeria, They’re located at Chemline House 7, Obase Road, Ikeja, Lagos State, Syncrev Careers Corporate and Consultant often look real but it is important for every job seekers to think twice and run some verification for any job position coming from this or near this location.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

I have provided answers to some frequently asked questions on the list of fake recruitment agencies in Nigeria in 2023 with answers to each question. You can explore them below:

How much do recruitment agencies charge in Nigeria?

Recruitment agency fees in Nigeria depend on factors like the type of job, industry, and location. 

Most times, they charge a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary, ranging from 10% to 20%, or even more in some cases. 

It’s crucial for you to clarify the fee structure with the agency before engaging in their services.

How do recruitment agencies make money in Nigeria?

Recruitment agencies in Nigeria make money by charging fees to both job seekers and employers. 

They charge job seekers for their services, which might include resume writing, interview coaching, and access to job listings. 

Employers pay the agency a fee for finding and selecting suitable candidates for their job openings.

Which agency has the highest salary in Nigeria?

The highest-paying agency in Nigeria can depend on the industry and job role. Sectors like oil and gas, banking, telecommunications, and IT tend to offer some of the highest salaries. 

However, salaries also depend on factors such as experience, qualifications, and job demand.

How much is EFCC salary in Nigeria?

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) salary structure for its employees depends and is based on job roles and levels.

Junior staff, administrative staff, investigators, and legal officers have different salary ranges. 

However, you can follow this link to see the list of EFCC salaries in Nigeria.

How much is level 10 salary in Nigeria?

Salaries in Nigeria can differ based on the organization, sector, and location. 

Level 10 is usually a mid-level position in the civil service. 

Currently, a Level 10 civil servant might earn a basic monthly salary of around 90,000 to 150,000 Nigerian Naira. 

How much is the NYSC salary in Nigeria

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a government program, and the payment structure for NYSC staff usually depends on the level.

However, the lowest payment of the NYSC is currently N33,000 according to glassdoor.com

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