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How To Make 10k Naira Daily In Nigeria 2023

Businesses That Can Generate Above 10,000 Naira Gain Daily in Nigeria

How To Make 10k Daily In Nigeria (2023) – Businesses That Can Generate Above 10,000 Naira Gain Daily in Nigeria

Dreaming of earning N10,000 in a day in Nigeria? You’re not alone. Many people wonder if it’s possible and how to make it happen. Well, the good news I have for you is that it’s very much achievable! 

In this blog post, you will explore 30 legitimate ways to earn N10,000 daily in Nigeria. 

Whether you’re a student, a freelancer, or someone looking to supplement their income, these methods can pave the way for your financial success and give you independence.

What are those ways to make 10k daily in Nigeria in 2023?

The essential ways can be found right below. Let’s go explore now!

How To Make 10k Daily In Nigeria – Businesses That Can Generate Above 10,000 Naira Gain Daily in Nigeria

How To Make 10k Daily In Nigeria
How To Make 10k Daily In Nigeria

Ready to explore how to make 10k daily in Nigeria today? If affirms, let’s delve in right now.


Blogging is a powerful option to generate daily income. 

You can make 10k or more daily in Nigeria as a blogger by focusing on niches like fashion, technology, finance, health, or entertainment that can attract a loyal readership. 

Monetization strategies such as Google AdSense, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing can turn your blog into a consistent source of revenue. 

Engaging content and effective SEO techniques can drive traffic and help you achieve your N10,000 daily goal.

The amount of money you can make from blogging daily is not static. Once you continue growing your traffic, the more your earning will increase.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic online business that can help you make N10,000 daily or more. 

By promoting products from other companies and earning a commission for every sale made through your unique link, you can tap into the power of passive income. 

With an understanding of your audience’s needs, you can strategically select products that get people’s interest and earn a significant income. 

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That’s the second way on how to make 10k daily in Nigeria in 2023.


Venturing into dropshipping requires setting up an e-commerce website where you list products at a markup price.

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 When customers place orders, you forward them to your supplier who handles shipping. 

This low-capital business idea allows you to earn N10,000 daily without the burden of inventory management. 

By carefully selecting products and delivering excellent customer service, you can establish a profitable dropshipping business.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing (content writing) is a business idea that can earn you an amount ranging from N1,000  to as much as 10,000 or more.

With the inception of platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, you can showcase your writing ability by providing high-quality content that meets client needs, you can secure consistent projects, and reach your daily income target. 

Digital Marketing Services

With businesses striving to establish a better online presence, digital marketing services are in high demand these days.

Offering services such as SEO, content creation, email marketing, and social media management can help clients thrive online. 

By delivering tangible results and driving engagement, you can position yourself as a valuable digital marketing professional and achieve your N10,000 daily goal easily without hassle.

Social Media Influencing

You can seize the power of your social media presence to become an influencer. 

Brands are looking for interested individuals with a strong online following to promote their products and services. 

However, if you can cultivate an authentic and engaged audience, you can secure sponsored posts and collaborations that contribute to your daily income target. 

Consistent interaction and quality content are key to becoming a successful social media influencer.


E-commerce offers a versatile avenue to earn N10,000 daily. 

Starting an online store requires careful product selection, effective marketing strategies, and streamlined customer service. 

You can make use of platforms like Instagram and Facebook to help you reach a wider audience and drive sales. 

With dedication and perseverance, your e-commerce venture can become a consistent source of income.

Online Tutoring

If you possess expertise in subjects like mathematics, science, languages, or programming, online tutoring is a viable option. 

Platforms like Tutors NG connect you with students seeking academic assistance. By delivering quality educational support and personalized guidance, you can earn N10,000 daily while contributing to students’ success.

Graphics Design Services

The demand for graphics design services is on the rise, offering a lucrative opportunity to earn N10,000 daily. Businesses require visual content for branding, marketing, and communication.

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Whether it’s logos, banners, or social media graphics, your creative skills can generate a steady stream of projects and income.

Virtual Assistant Services 

The role of a virtual assistant has sprained up into a sought-after profession. 

Offer services such as email management, scheduling, and customer support to clients worldwide. 

By effectively managing tasks and providing efficient solutions, you can earn N10,000 daily while contributing to the success of various businesses.

Web Development

In an increasingly digital world, web development skills are highly valuable in Nigeria. Businesses require professional and functional websites to engage customers. 

By mastering web development languages and creating user-friendly websites, you can establish a successful career and earn N10,000 daily or more.

 App Development

With the proliferation of smartphones, the demand for mobile apps is soaring. Develop apps that cater to specific needs or solve problems for users. 

Whether you create apps for clients or develop your own, the app development industry offers the potential to earn a substantial daily income.

Event Planning

Event planning is a kind of business that requires strong organizational skills and attention to detail. 

By coordinating weddings, parties, and corporate events, you can earn a significant income while creating memorable experiences for clients. 

Your ability to bring visions to life and execute flawless events can contribute to your daily income goal.

Small Scale Farming 

Agriculture remains a cornerstone of Nigeria’s economy. 

Engage in small-scale farming ventures such as poultry, fish farming, vegetable cultivation, or snail rearing. 

By employing modern farming techniques and addressing market demands, you can earn N10,000 daily while contributing to the nation’s food security.

Fast Food/Street Food Business

Nigeria’s culinary landscape offers diverse opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting a fast food or street food business that caters to local tastes can be highly profitable. 

By offering delicious and affordable meals in strategic locations, you can generate a daily income that meets your financial aspirations.

Real Estate Agency

As a real estate agent, you facilitate property transactions and earn commissions. 

By understanding the property market, connecting buyers with sellers, and negotiating deals, you can achieve your N10,000 daily target.

 Effective networking and market knowledge are essential for success in this field.

Fashion Design and Retail 

Nigeria’s fashion industry offers a canvas for creative expression. 

If you have a passion for fashion, designing unique pieces and establishing a brand can lead to substantial income. 

By catering to local tastes and staying attuned to global trends, you can achieve N10,000 daily through fashion design and retail.

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Personal Fitness Training 

With a growing focus on health and fitness, personal fitness trainers are in demand. 

Leverage your expertise to provide tailored workout plans and guidance to clients. Whether you offer in person or online training, you can earn N10,000 daily while promoting healthier lifestyles.

Video Production Services

Video content is a powerful tool for businesses to engage their audience. If you have a knack for video production, offer services to create promotional videos for clients. 

By translating their visions into compelling visual narratives, you can achieve N10,000 daily through video production.

Photography Services 

Capture special moments and memories as a professional photographer. 

From weddings to corporate events, your photography services can contribute to your daily income goal. 

Invest in high-quality equipment and refine your skills to offer outstanding visual storytelling.

FAQs On How To Make 10k Daily In Nigeria (2023)

I have shared with you how to make 10k daily in Nigeria in 2023, you can also explore some related frequently asked questions related to the topic:

 Is it really possible to make N10,000 daily in Nigeria?

Yes, it’s possible to make N10,000 daily in Nigeria through various legitimate methods. 

However, success requires dedication, hard work, and sometimes a learning curve. Choose a path that aligns with your skills and interests, and be prepared to put in consistent effort.

Do I need special skills or qualifications to make 10k daily in Nigeria?

While some methods may require specific skills, many of the mentioned opportunities can be pursued by individuals with different backgrounds. 

For example, online tutoring, freelance writing, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing can be pursued by anyone willing to learn and invest time.

How quickly can I start earning N10,000 daily?

The time it takes to start earning N10,000 daily varies based on the chosen method and your level of commitment. 

Some methods like freelancing, tutoring, or affiliate marketing may require time to build a reputation and client base. 

Others, like selling products online, may yield quicker results if you’re proactive in marketing.

 Are there any risks involved in making 10k ?

Like any business or endeavor, there are risks associated with each method. For example, dropshipping may involve issues with product quality or shipping delays. Stock trading carries financial risks. 

To mitigate risks, conduct thorough research, seek advice, and consider starting with methods that align with your skills and resources.

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